About Us




Tidal Wave Dance Team is an independent parade & performance dance team located in New Orleans, Louisiana. We specialize in the parade pom style: a melting pot of hip hop, jazz, traditional pom, and other genres of dance.

Our main event is Mardi Gras, where we march in many world-famous parades in and around the New Orleans area. We also perform at many fairs, festivals, sporting events, and charity events throughout the year. We pride ourselves on bringing advanced, competitive level routines to the parade route and beyond.


Our Mission

Tidal Wave Dance Team is an independent parade & performance dance team organization, committed to upholding our core values:









Tidal Wave’s members represent different racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds and sexual and gender orientations. Our membership is comprised of women and non-binary people

who reflect and live our core values. We strive to uphold these core beliefs,

which encourage us to form a family of dancers with high standards

and similar values. Our 3 main tenets are community, sorority, and dance.

With these and our core values, we recruit dancers who demonstrate our values

and will positively contribute to our dance team family.


One of the core values of our team is service. We are privileged to call the one of a kind city of New Orleans home, and we strive to be an active part of our local community. We attend, host, and perform at many community events throughout the season, as well as volunteering and raising funds for causes in and around the New Orleans area.


Tidal Wave Dance Team strives to be a safe & supportive team environment. Before we are dancers, we are a family. We support each other inside & outside of the dance studio.


Tidal Wave Dance Team specializes in New Orleans Parade Pom. The New Orleans Parade Pom style is a mix of hip hop, jazz, traditional pom, and other styles of dance. This style is specific to New Orleans, as it was created by New Orleans culture! Independent dance teams in New Orleans have created this style together, marching in Mardi Gras parades since the very first of our ranks, The Dance Connection, in 1979. This is a collaborative style, ever evolving with new teams and new routines, and it will continue to evolve with us!

Team members receive training chiefly in New Orleans Parade Pom, but also in hip hop, jazz, traditional pom, technique, skills & tricks, and many other aspects of dance.